September at MAF
Group classes and a relatively normal return to our schedule will be happening Tuesday, September 2nd! It was great to see how motivated and hardworking our students have been all summer and we plan to ride that momentum and keep elevating things here into the Fall. Here's everything you'll need to know about September at Manchen!

Class and Open Bouting Limits: In an effort to not exceed state occupancy limits, all classes and open bouting groups will be limited to 8 students. These must be scheduled in advance through our online scheduler. You can reserve a spot here: We recommend scheduling out all of your classes and bouting a full month in advance.

September Safety Precautions:
  • Equipment Rentals: With the exception of blades and body cords, we are not allowing students to borrow equipment for one class only for the time being. If you need to borrow equipment then you get to take the equipment home with you. A fully refundable security deposit of $25 will be required for any equipment rented in this way.
  • Face-coverings: Everyone inside of the Academy must continue to wear a face-covering at all times.
  • Cleaning: We'll continue disinfecting on the daily.
  • Sick Policy: If you feel even the slightest bit sick do not come in! There will be no late cancellation charges as a result.
  • Self-quarantining: If you come into contact with anyone diagnosed Covid-19 positive in the last 14 days please do not come to the Academy for 10 days.
USA Fencing Membership:
Don't forget, you must have an active USA Fencing membership in order to train at the Academy! Non-competitive memberships start at $10 and can be purchased here:

Class Schedule can be found here

We're going to do our best to get into a routine again over here. If you'd like to set up on autopay we can do that in as little as 3 minutes via sitting down with us in person or over the phone. Autopay can be set up or canceled at any point and tuition is on a rolling monthly basis.


September Academic & Fencing Clinic:
For now, we are shelving this idea. We'll see what happens these next few weeks. Depending on how they go and your feedback we may bring this idea back again.


Private Lesson Length:
When we first reopened our 20-minute private lessons were put into 30-minute time slots in order to help prevent overlap. For the time being, we will continue with the 30-minute time slots, however, if the supply of lesson times can not keep up with the demand we will be reverting them back to 20 minutes.


We Need Pictures:
We're in the process of building a whole new website and need pictures, especially of our youth fencers! If you'd like to help you can email us any pictures you may have.

As always if you have any questions just give us a shout!