January at MAF
It's the New Year!  With that, it is an appropriate time to roll out all of the exciting improvements we have been working on.  From earning free warm-up jackets to better-organized class levels here's everything to look forward to at MAF in 2020!
MAF Warm-Up Jackets
We'll start with one of the more exciting changes at MAF this year.   Students will have the opportunity to earn a warm-up jacket based on their accomplishments during the year. Here's our policy:
1)  Must be a current member of MAF.
2)  To get one, earn your first rating "E", improve your current rating (ie. "D" to "C") or improve national rank during the 2020 season.  
3)  Limit one per student.
4)  Any student who already has a rating or national rank and would rather forego this process is eligible to purchase a jacket at any time.
Online Apparel Store
We're getting out of the apparel business and leaving it the pros.  That said, we've set up this cool online store with our merchandise!  We will probably add and remove items periodically so keep an eye on it.
Accounting for Lessons & Class
To make things a whole lot easier on everyone, we're switching over from a specified number of classes & lessons to a weekly frequency.  So for example instead of getting 4 private lessons, you would be getting 1 private lesson per week over the course of a month.  If you were to miss a lesson then you could do 2 the following week.  This will make it so that the plan you are on will not change in price month to month!
Class Name Changes
We've gone ahead and changed many of the class names to help with understanding the different levels as well as create a better order of progression.  Here's a list of the changes:
Beginner Foil > Youth Beginner
Youth Competitive Foil > Youth Intermediate Foil
Intermediate & HS Foil > Senior Intermediate Foil
Senior Competitive Foil > Elite Foil
Fundamentals of Epee > Intermediate Epee
Elite Foil (Senior Competitive) 
The Elite Foil class will no longer run on Wednesday and will revert back to how it used to be.  Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 6-7:30 pm.
Upcoming Regional & National Deadlines
1/8 Gold Finch ROC (Manalapan, NJ) - D1A, D2 https://member.usfencing.org/details/tournaments/3875
1/8 Junior Olympics (Columbus, OH) - Junior/Cadet https://member.usfencing.org/details/tournaments/3686
1/16 Jersey Clash RYC & RJCC (Parsippany, NJ) - Junior/Cadet/Y14/Y12/Y10 
1/17 Thrust Winter RYC & RJCC (Ramapo, NY) - Junior/Cadet/Y14/Y12/Y10 https://member.usfencing.org/details/tournaments/3902
1/22 March NAC (Detriot, MI) - Div 2/Y14/Y12/Y10 https://member.usfencing.org/details/tournaments/4160

Upcoming Events at Manchen

Happy New Year!