February at MAF
We're at the home stretch of both winter and the High School fencing season! With that, it is a good time to start looking forward and planning out the remainder of the season. We've gone ahead and provided all the important deadlines as well as information about our 2020 Summer Camps! To all of my students who qualified for states this year, good luck and finish strong!
Summer Camps

You can find most of the information about our summer camps in the flyer attached at the bottom. If you know what dates you want you can register through our scheduler: https://manchenfencing.com/index.php/online-scheduling

Upcoming Regional & National Deadlines
Jersey Clash RYC/RJCC (Feb 21st - 23rd) Deadline: 2/6 - https://member.usfencing.org/details/tournaments/3948
Duel of the East Coast RYC/RCC (Feb 29th - Mar 1st) Deadline 2/10 - https://member.usfencing.org/details/tournaments/3912
Garden State RYC (Mar 14th - 15th) Deadline 2/22 - https://member.usfencing.org/details/tournaments/3926
April NAC & Div 1 Championships (4/17-4/20) Deadline 2/26 - https://member.usfencing.org/details/tournaments/4162

Upcoming Events at Manchen