We are re-opening June 22nd! You heard it right, the Academy will be re-opening on a limited basis June 22nd! To start our hours will be Monday-Thursday 4:00-8:00 pm. Brian's hours are still TBD, we'll let you know when we have them set. Here's our tentative re-opening schedule:

  • June 22nd - Private Lessons
  • July 13th - Summer Camps
  • TBD - Open Bouting
  • September - Group Classes

I know you're tired of having to follow a million rules at this point, so we'll keep it easy:

  • 30-Minute Private Lesson Blocks - Lessons are still 20-25 minutes, however, we've set it up so that you have 30-minute blocks. Please don't hang out before or after your scheduled block of time. You can schedule those here: https://manchenfencing.com/index.php/online-scheduling
  • Mask Inside the Mask - Fencers should have a mask in their fencing mask (I've attached pics below). There will also be a clear line indicating where the fencing strip starts. We ask that fencers do not cross this line without a mask on.
  • Cloth Masks - Family members must wear a mask if they plan on coming into the Academy.
  • Sick Policy - If you feel even a little sick don't come! We will not be charging late cancellation fees during this time.
  • Water Cooler - The water cooler is currently disabled. Bring your own water.

  Precautions we're taking on our end:

  • Lysol wiping & disinfecting daily.
  • Providing hand sanitizer on the tables upfront.
  • Going to church every Sunday

Continuing Zoom Instruction - We will continue offering Zoom Group Classes every Wednesday at 3:00 pm as well as Zoom Private Lessons by appointment through the end of June. We will reevaluate whether we plan to extend this at the end of the month..

Summer Camps - At this time we do still plan to hold summer camps. We currently need more clarity from the state and hopefully will be able to provide more information in our next email.

Fencing Scholarships For Those Financially Impacted - We'll be offering partial and full scholarships to train at the Academy for any student who has become financially compromised as a result of the pandemic.